Baltistan Skardu and Ghanche

Baltistan Skardu and Ghanche : Baltistan is the northeastern part of Pakistan, sandwiched between China and Indian-held Kashmir and bisected by the Indus River. Skardu, its capital, is the starting-point for some of the best trekking and mountaineering in the world. When the Indus enters Baltistan, flowing northeastwards from Ladakh, it has already travelled 700 km from its source in Tibet. On the northern bank of the Indus, the main block of the Karakoram Mountains rises in a serried wall 150 km wide with almost 100 peaks rising to over 7000m.

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Best Times to Take Herbs

Best Times to Take Herbs

Once upon a time, when people got sick they knew that that they must “drink their bitter brew” to get well. Presumably this meant some sort of herbal tea or other liquid potion. While native and traditional cultures barely bat an eye as they wash down sometimes large doses of nasty-tasting stuff, taking herbs in this way becomes less appealing as we grow more accustomed to the conveniences and comforts of modern times. Thankfully, we have several options for getting the medicine down, as outlined below.

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